Garrett McCarthy: Muralist

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Art Studio Renovation news will be updated on progress with church structure / studio space & gallery. This will be Henderson, New York's first art gallery by 2010 and help establish arts revival in this eastern Lake Ontario area. Mural production facility, artists in residence program to be initiated.

Pick-up Game at Laguna Beach Boardwalk
Oils on canvas - 30" x 40" unframed "Pick-up Game" - Scene from the public basketball courts on Laguna Beach's Boardwalk area. ( Hotel Laguna in background) $2,725.00

Berkshire Mountain Stream

Venice - Gondola scene

Studio Expansion Project 2009
Former Baptist Church in Henderson, New York. Built in 1850 and still retains FreeMason's weathervane. Exterior improvements including new roof are scheduled for 2009-2010.

Exeter Cathedral
36" x 48" oils on canvas - dramatic scene highlighting the western facade of Exeter Cathedral, England, painted in 1985 Gold frame $2,400.00

Laguna Beach Series
Oils on canvas - (3rd painting in progress).

In Progress
Painter Alix Pierre Belzi assisting with wall graphics outside culinary office - Atlantis.

Artist's Apprentice