Garrett McCarthy: Muralist

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Smaller, portable work: oil on canvas, pen & ink, etc...

Garden Bath
Gave a small bath area a more open feel. Client in New England wanted greenery year round - and also to surround her image in the mirror with reflection of greenhouse mural on the opposite wall.

Garden Bath 2
Detail of garden mural

Garden Bath 3
Detail of pathway up green house mural. Painted on canvas wall covering - client can relocate investment artwork in future new residence.

Louisville Chorus Fundraiser - painting in progress
Artwork donated to Louisville Chorus February Fundraising Event.

Louisville Chorus Event
Winners of Kentucky Derby theme painting.

Art Gallery Sign
Frog Logo for Art gallery on the Creek

Stony Creek Gallery Sign
Alternate side of sign for art galley (zapping dragonfly)

Sci-Fi Star Trek Globe
Enterprise in glass cage

Northampton Snow Globe
Illustration of City Hall for holiday illustration.

Snow Globe Sci-Fi
Robot blasting it's way out

Logo design
Non-profit logo

Louisville Chorus
Artwork - illustrated for retirement gift to Louisville Chorus Director - signed by many of the members.

24" x 30" acrylics on canvas

Snow globe castle idea -colored pencil illustration on black matt board

Pencil drawing

28" x 30" oils on canvas - Wildlife scene

Fisher's Island
30" x 40" acrylics on canvas - house portrait for summer home estate on Fisher's Island, NY

8' x 4' acrylics on stretched canvas - green house theme mural for Farm Credit Bank stairway.

Lake Ontario
18" x 24" acrylics on canvas - scene of Lake Ontario from family summer home in Henderson, NY

London Taxi
24" x 30" oils on canvas - London scene in front of main avenue leading to Buckingham Palace

24" x 36" oils on canvas - private plane commission by Kansas client

Snow Globe Illustration
Seems people like having personalized items encased within a snow globe theme...

Portland Lighthouse
30" x 36" acrylics on canvas - Portland Head Light House at Cape Elizabeth, Maine commissioned for use at Portland Symphony designer Showhouse fundraising event.

24" x 32" oils on canvas - trout scene for sportsman show

24" x 36" oils on canvas - Venice - gondola waterway from visit to Italy