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Murals done in private homes...

Safari Room

Safari Room
Detail contrasted with carved furniture

Foyer artwork
Trompe L'oeil effects with wrought iron details painted under each window opening.

Turret bedroom known as the "Safari Bedroom"
Clients provided theme while allowing artistic license to create lively environment - ( now one of the more popular rooms for guests).

Italian theme
Tuscany theme for dining area. Landscape painted on canvas and "broken plaster" effects and vines painted directly on wall surface.

Blue Heron Mural
Triangular Painting - acrylics on canvas sections - 20' x 8' for top of cathedral ceiling for estate on Lake Ontario.

Blue Heron Mural - interior view
Pull back view of mural installed in 30' living room overlooking Lake Ontario shoreline.

Dinosaur Mural for children's room
18' acrylics on wall and canvas section for children's bedroom. The client had asked to have wall mural of ancient times to compliment their son's vast collection of dinosaurs.

Dinosaur room continued
The idea was to create a virtual "Jurassic Park" for their sons' room.

Dinosaur Room
More details.....and more creatures!

Dinosaur Room

Wellesley Island Estate
Located across from Boldt Castle Yacht House on the St. Lawrence River, this castle styled home incorporates trompe l'oeil effects of broken plaster, creeping wisteria vines, stone block masonry and more.

Wellesley Island Estate
The "Grotto Room" - lower level - trompe l'eoil stone block effects painted directly on wall surface.

Wellesley Island Estate
Wisteria vines for foyer mirror area

Wellesley Island Estate
Main entryway doors. Hand-painted on walls - stone block effects with "breaks" in plaster to open interior space.

Wellesley Island Estate
Ceiling effect - main entry - attempt to create more space by a "sky" effect beyond the turret shape of the foyer.

Baroque ceiling
Detail - mural in progress

French Street Scene
Cityscape view for dining area of residence.

Italian Theme
Tuscany theme for dining area - landscape on canvas while other details are painted directly on wall surface ( Vines, cracked plaster in wine storage entry - showing faux brick)

Hammond, New York
In this wonderfully restored limestone upstate New York farmhouse's master bedroom, trompe l'oeil artwork was created over a loft / 2 story window. Vines and stone block and columns were painted to encompass 2'' thick relief corinthian capitals.

Hammond, New York
Birds (barn swallows) added in nest above column.

Lake Ontario Estate
View from "Orenda"/Blue heron mural location

Lake Ontario Estate - blue heron mural
Detail - mural painted on five canvas sections and installed 40' up on triangular surface.

Tuscany Trompe L'oeil

Tuscany Trompe L'oeil
Detail of trompe L'oeil work

Tuscany Trompe L'oeil

Grotto Room fountain scene
Taking a secondary wall area and bringing it to life. (Artist wishes he were smiling).

Baroque Ceiling Music Room
15' foot high ceilings in this Springfield, Massachusetts mansion

Figure detail
Canvas wall covering before artwork is completed - installed with adhesive and assistants on scaffolding.

Greek Mythology theme ceiling mural
Client wanted a classical themed artwork for the 22' high ceiling in their Cape Cod estate.

Baroque Ceiling
Oils on primed surface - scaffolding required -

Safari Room
African landscape shadowing

Safari Room
Detail - late afternoon lighting

Safari Room

Safari Room

Stairway art
Client had space below stairway - since it is a castled styled retreat, a weapons storage idea seemed to fit the space.

Stairway art
Detail of painted helmets and items

Wellesley Island Grotto
Detail above bar area

Louisville Chorus
Evening gala - Chorus Performance before Silent Auction results are announced.

Baroque Ceiling (3 of 4)
Corner motif with angels balancing on either side of Russian Monarchy emblem ( client's desired element)Painted separately on canvas section - cut out with irregular edges and blended in swirling botanicals to erase /cover edges.

Baroque Ceiling (4 of 4 )
11' high ceilings in the music room. Scaffolding employed with aluminum recliner set upon and achored to five packing crates in order to reach work surface.

Detail of angel from 20' x 8' classical mural painted for client in North Flamouth, Massachusetts. (acrylics) Emphasis is on natural lighting and realistic style for old world look.

Oils on canvas 24" x 36"

Kid's Room (1 of 4)
Sand castle/beach theme for children's room. Acrylics and latex paint on wall.

Kid's Room (3 of 4)
Noah's Ark theme for church rec room - Westfield, Massachusetts

Kid's Room (4 of 4)
Acrylics - The goal was to liven up a spare looking recreation center.

Sea Storm
24" x 36" oils on canvas - in progress

Acrylics on wall space. Kitchen table area transformed from blank walls to Cape Cod view. Architectural elements (columns) vines, arbor and archways to lead viewer's eyes outward and to distract from the wall mounted phone.

Trompe l'Oeil (1 of 4)
Designer Showhouse - McDuffy School - Springfield, Mass. silhouettes of trees and vines painted in one-two tones punctuated by full scall realistic plants intermitently spaced.

Trompe l'Oeil (2 of 4)
McDuffy Designer Showhouse - foyer section - acrylics

Trompe l'Oeil (3 of 4)
McDuffy Designer Showhouse foyer project - acrylics on wall space - forest shadows...........very effective outcome.

Trompe l'Oeil (4 of 4)
McDuffy School Designer Showhouse - Springfield, Mass. early 1990's Contrasting light wall treatment against heavy dark woodwork.

Wall Garden
Bedroom project for young client. Garden theme for her stuffed animal collection.

Wilderness (1 of 3)
Acrylics on wall surface. Outdoor theme for children's room - East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Wilderness (2 of 3)
Corner view of children's room mural. Long wall - 5 days duration for project completion - details on the landscape and wildlife

Wilderness (3 of 3)
Corner detail of wall mural. Client wished painted artwork verses wall paper for her child's room.

Cape Cod 1
22' x 8' classic mural depicting ancient mythological story of the Moon Goddess Selene and the mortal Endymion. Painted in acrylics on canvas wallcovering with a glaze applied for an antique look.

Cape Cod 2
Ceiling mural - classical theme - detail

Cape Cod 3
Baroque light fixture (heavy) centrally located on ceiling mural - image painted around where connection would occur.

Cape Cod 4
Upward view of ceiling mural depicting the story of early classic mythology.

Cape Cod 5
Northern view of ceiling mural. 15' high scaffolding on wheels with three assistants required for successful installation of artwork in confined foyer.

Cape Cod 6
Curved ceiling required many hands for canvas application.

Cape Cod 7
After having upwards of fifty offspring with her mortal lover - Endymion, Selene, the goddess of the moon, faced a dilemma. She could not bear the fact that her handsome companion would eventually grow old and die - thus leaving her alone. So she cast a spell on him to place him in a perpetual sleep - never to wake forever retaining his youth.