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(*Note - enlarged images may appear behind home page.) Artwork for educational environments should reflect the

Springfield College Sports Mural
22" x 7' acrylics on canvas sections designated for curved wall. (Behind is the tray return of dining room.)

Springfield College Sports Mural (detail)
Close up of sports figures

Interior View of Dining Facility - mural function
This view shows the tray return access point and mural location on barrier wall. The entire building is essentially circular - curved forms throughout the four serving distribution points and dining /seating areas.

Logo origin
School emblem used in central design (From campus entrance sign)

School Gym (1 of 2)
Laurel Elementary School Gymnasium mural project - Bloomfield, CT Student silhouewettes outlined as overlapping figures onto main wall - color changes occur where overlapping figures met. effective technique creating an interesting focal point for a large wall space.

School Gym (2 of 2)
Close up of wall mural painted at elementary school gymnasium Acrylics on cinderblock wall

Charlotte Hornets
Charlotte Hornets themed artwork - acrylics on illustration board - 24" x 30" for retired School Administrator

Springfield College
Logo design for Championships 1993

Springfield College
Close up of of gymnastic panel

Springfield College

Springfield College
8' x 4' panels - acrylics on panel - located in gymnastic area of main athletic building.

10' x 4' acrylics on canvas featuring evening shot of the central campus. Emphasis was on sky colors and illumination of lighting in and around the main buildings. Installed at the Whitmore Administration coffee shop in 1986 and still is on view today.

Acylics on canvas 25' x 4' installed in 1988. Panoramic view of the campus pond ( 2/3rds shown) with great deal of realism employed for an outdoor effect for a windowless dining area on campus. Painted on commercial grade canvas wall-covering with wood trim framing the final work.

16' x 4' acrylics on canvas - attached to panel - painted in 1988 highlighting panoramic view from within the football stadium during half time. Mural is located in lower level of the Campus Center

Detail view of stadium mural. challeng was to create sense of depth /movement through shadowing and colors. Perspective had to be somewhat exaggerated in order to fit full spectrum subject matter.

16' x 4' mural - oils on canvas - attached to panel. Images show early days of campus lodging - collage effect to contrast new & old. Drying time required longer period before installation process began.

Close-up detail view of early dormitory living quarters. Based upon school archives provided by University of Massachusetts Alumni Department.

16' x 4' acrylics on canvas wallcovering attached to panel for hanging. This scene depicts springtime concert activity on campus lawn outside the Fine Arts Center.